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Some reviews about FAZUP:
“5/5 Fazup, no more migraines and epilepsy, my doctor has approved it.” Komet
“Great product, no more headaches, no more waking up in the middle of the night, no more ear heating, super thank you !!!!!!!” Trapolino
“Thank you Fazup my ears and my head feel much better ! Easy to apply, very ergonomic. I recommend !” Laurine
“I have a Samsung S3 and I am very satisfied with Fazup, notably for an essential reason, not a single epilepsy crisis for 3 weeks now ! In addition, I do not have ringing in the ear anymore ! Therefore I give 5/5 to Fazup and its anti-radiation patch” Didie L
“For the last few years I have had a smartphone I had noticed that I often had headaches and that at night I was waking up several times… And since I have been using Fazup, practically no more headaches, and I sleep much better !!! Therefore I am very satisfied with this product”. Nathalie

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